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About us

We are a Mexican company dedicated to importation, sanitary registry, operation and distribution of premium-quality supplies to the government sector.

With several years of career in the Mexican market, we strive daily to operate the supply chain efficiently to reach our patients in a timely manner.

We focus on selecting products in two categories:

  • High-value and specialized supplies (ophthalmic, biological, injectable solutions, medical devices).

  • State-of-the-art formulations that allow positioning hospitals in our country within the most prestigious category in the world.

Our mission

Contribute to improve the quality of life of Mexicans
by constantly providing new options for high quality medicinal products
delivering value in health care.

Our history

Our work team

We are focused on the human talent of members of our team, so that can we seek the constant training of those who make up Eseotres Pharma, having the ethical and moral values we want to transmit to human society as a fundamental basis.

Warm and respectful service and treatment will always be our presentation card, as well as a valuable negotiation and communication tool.

Our Target Market

Global manufacturers of supplies for health

Government Health Sector

Our Values

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