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Health in Mexico: Private sector









Health in Mexico:
Public Sector

Approximate market value: 3.7 billion dollars.

The Mexican health system comprises two sectors: Public and private sectors.

Within the public sector we may find social security institutions:

  • Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). Coverage to more than 62 million people.

  • Institute for Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE). Coverage to more than 32 million people.

  • Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX)

  • Ministry of the Navy (SEMAR)

Institutions and programs serving the population without social security:

  • Secretariat of Health (SSA). Coverage to more than 18 million people 

  • State Health Services (SESA)

  • IMSS-Oportunidades Program (IMSS-O)

  • Popular Health Insurance (SPS)

The private sector comprises insurance companies and service providers working
in private practices, clinics and hospitals, including providers of alternative medicine services.

The Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS) is in charge of protecting population from exogenous events risking the health or life of humans as a result of the exposure to biological, chemical or physical factors present in the environment or in products or services consumed.

COFEPRIS is an agency of the SSA with technical, administrative and operational autonomy in charge of performing tasks of regulation, control and health promotion. Responsible, among other activities, for controlling and monitoring health facilities; prevent and control environmental factors; promote basic sanitation and occupational health; control health risks of products and services; perform sanitary control of the process, use, maintenance, import, export and final disposal of medical equipment and supplies; regulate, from the health point of view, publicity of activities, products and services; control disposition of organs, tissues and their components, as well as donations and transplants of organs, tissues and cells of human beings. It also monitors food safety, and the bacteriological and physicochemical quality of water for human consumption, and guarantees the quality, safety and efficacy of medicinal products produced and sold in the market.

This year, the Mexican Social Security Institute celebrates its 75th anniversary as the most important health institution in Mexico.

It was included, since the promulgation of the Political Constitution of February 5th, 1917 in its article 123, that: “Everyone has the right to a decent and socially useful work; to this end, it shall be promoted the creation of jobs and social organization of work in accordance with the law.”

The Social Security has more than 6,000 clinics, 350 Second-Level Hospitals and 36 High-Specialty Hospitals.

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